Part II of How to Be a Writer Published – Read It Now

Now you can read about Onsite SEO in extremely simple steps. Most SEO consultants have created hype about search engine optimization; after reading this post you will be amazed how simple it was – just go to the writers’ blog now

Now you don’t have to pay them huge sums to make your webpages search engine friendly. You can do it on your own; all you need to know is the basics of HTML which is as simple as 1 2 3. However, if you are using any tool for your web design i.e. MS FrontPage, you don’t even need to learn HTML.

For a better understanding I have highlighted the most important points, in other words you will find a simple and to the points Onsite SEO checklist in this post.


My Two Recent Guest Posts

Currently, I am promoting my newfangled blog: the writers’ blog. After trying comments on blogs and article directories, I have now turned to a series of guest posts on several popular blogs. Two of them have already been published and you can now read them here:

9 tips for becoming a freelance writer published on by Jennifer Blanchard


Webmasters & Online Business Owners! Beware of Google’s New Algorithm published on by Sreejesh Suresh.

A lot more to come pretty soon!

The First Part Of How To Be A Writer Create A Professional Website Is Published Now

Ok, if you were waiting for the first part of the series how to be a writer is out. You can read it right away on my blog: Create a Professional Website – But Why? (Part I – How to Be a Writer).

If you are not familiar with the background of this series, let me tell you now: this is a sequence of seven blog posts which are dedicated to help novice freelance writers start, build and promote their online writing business. The best thing about this is that no specific background or previous knowledge is required as I have started from the root level. If you want to become a successful freelance writer, simply learn how to be a writer!

A Detailed Answer To How To Become A Successful Writer

Ok, this question is quite common among newbies. They want to be successful writers: some want to be freelancers, some others want their book to be published while others have no specific choice, they just want to earn money. However, to become a good writer, you need to understand the basics of the process to become a writer.

A whole book can be written on this topic, but I have just started a series of blog posts on my blog to answer this question in detail. I have divided it into six parts which will be posted regularly. If you want to become a great writer quickly, make sure you read the complete series on “How to be a writer”. See you there 🙂

Let us Learn Marketing Definition, Purpose of Marketing & How Article Marketing Can Help Your Online Business

Hello writers, readers and marketers!

With the increase in competition among similar businesses, people are paying more attention to marketing. Now they want to learn its basics i.e. marketing definition, purpose of marketing etc. to get the most out of it. This basic knowledge also helps them keep up with the latest tendencies in the marketing arena.

It is a fact that marketing trends change as quickly as anything. Currently, article marketing is one of the hottest techniques to promote an online business.

Every marketing strategy has its pros and cons, some are more expensive while others need massive amount of time. To get the maximum benefit from a marketing campaign, market research is more important than anything else.

If you want to learn marketing definition, purpose of marketing or how article marketing can help you promote you online business more quickly, read my latest post at my ‘the writer blog’.

How Can You Get Your Ex Back In A Graceful Manner? Is It Really Possible?

Ok, you and your ex are now minding your own businesses. How does it feel like? Are your having the time of your life as now you don’t have anyone to fight with or maybe you are missing your ex like never before because you have nobody but a pillow to hug while sleeping? If you don’t miss them, this post is not for you. Otherwise, throw that pillow away, read this post and do what it says if you want them back in your arms.

Accept it or not, more than 80% of the couples have a strong desire to get their ex back after a break up. Now there are two methods to try and get your ex back: first you can lose dignity, start crying or writing them and begging them to come back, tell everyone about your misery or even try dirty tricks; second you can read my new writing sample which is Six Proven Tips to Get My Ex Back.

Now, the best thing about this article is that this will help you get your lover back quickly plus in a decent manner. Obviously, no matter how crazy you are about them, you will not like to lose your self-esteem, or do you?