Early Days Of Blogging Getting You Down? Here Is The Way Out

Yes, first few weeks or even months are the toughest phase of blogging. If you are thinking to quit blogging because of demotivation, here is the answer: how to enjoy the early days of blogging.

In this post you’ll learn:

  • Why staying motivated is important
  • What are the things you can enjoy in the early days ONLY
  • What you should do besides ‘enjoying’?

You will be amazed to read this post. Let me help you debunk the secrets so you can rejoice your first few days of blogging.

I can assure it’ll be fun!


Which Christmas Gifts are Topping the Charts?

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is excited.

But the enormous amount of search queries show that people are buying Xmass gifts like there is no tomorrow – even in the unstable economic conditions.

But which gift should you choose?

Here is a detailed and RIDICULOUSLY  popular post that reveals the Sexiest & Hottest Xmass Gifts for 2011.

Don’t forget to leave a comment how you feel about the gifts mentioned in this post.

Have a good day!




Back After A Break Here Are My Latest Posts

Ok my fellow freelance writers, I was too busy to blog here… however, I have added a few more posts on my personal blog and you can read them here:

  1. Make a real living as a freelance writer
  2. What is SEO writing ?
  3. 7 Technologies the Modern Writer Can’t Live Without

Hope these links will benefit you in kick-starting your freelance writing career. If you have any tips, or resources that you would like to share, feel free to drop a line in the comments section. Any kind of suggestions, criticism is most welcome. If you have any topic in mind that you would like to read a post on, I would be much obliged if you let me know.

Remember, on the internet, sharing is virtue. Share what you like, share what you know and share what you want to know. Let us make World Wide Web a better place!

Recent Pingbacks – Should they Be Approved or Not?


Now you can read my recent post on Writes and Social Media

I have a question for you today: do you think pingbacks should be approved or not?

Some say they are a win-win situation for both the blogs while others believe it creates some sort of reciprocal links, which are obviously of very little use. Another interesting fact is that the site requesting pingback usually uses dofollow links while on your blog the link back to that site is nofollow.

What do you think? Drop a line in the comments section. Here are some of the recent pingbacks:

Writers and Social Media

Onsite SEO Blog

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation SFWebDesign

Onsite SEO – Blog O SEO

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

Article marketing pays off or not? – Hell Yes!

Once I was browsing a writing forum, and I somebody had said that choosing article marketing is just like shooting yourself in the foot as you are promoting your competitors website. However, I found it to be different with my campaign. Not only I received some traffic and backlinks from the published articles, but my articles have been republished on the following blogs and I got more backlinks and hopefully more traffic. Thank you article marketing and thank you articlesbase 🙂

You can read these articles here:

Article one:

Earn more as a freelance writer

Article two:

Simple steps to boost your earnings as a freelance writer

Article three:

Double your income as a freelance writer

Article four:

5 Grammatical mistakes that can make your writing immortal

Are freelancing websites worth your time?

This is the questions novice freelancers have in the back of their mind. Freelance bidding sites have their pros and cons. However, most of the beginners have no other option and they have nothing to lose; thus these websites are a blessing for greenhorns.

In my blog, I have recently added a post titled How to Get the Most Out Of Freelance Bidding Sites. It will not only tell you whether freelance biddings sites are a good pick for you or not, but will also explain how you can get the maximum benefit with a minimum effort.